Session Breakdown

Live and Recorded

    1. Welcome Letter

    1. Session 1- Friday Evening: Decoding Depression: Insights for Mental Health

    1. Session 2 -Saturday Morning: Nourishing the Mind: Diet's Role in Lifting Depression Fatigue

    1. Session 3- Saturday Afternoon: Nature's Pharmacy: Exploring Herbs and Supplements for Emotional Wellbeing

    1. Session 4 -Saturday Evening: Energize Your Brain: the Power of Movement

    1. Session 5- Sunday: From Surviving to Thriving: Creating Your Inner Sanctuary

March 15-17, 2024 Live/Online

Are you ready to turn the tide on depression?

Discover how to uplift the energy of your mind with our specialized course to move into a more vibrant and empowered life.

5 potential benefits of Riding the Wave of Depression

Holistic Strategies for the Mind and Body

  • Enhanced Mood and Emotional Balance: Gain valuable insights and practical tools to help regulate mood swings and emotional responses, leading to a more balanced and stable emotional state.

  • Increased Energy and Vitality: Learn specific dietary and physical activity strategies designed to combat depression fatigue, leading to improved energy levels and overall vitality.

  • Strengthened Mental Resilience: Develop stronger coping mechanisms and mental resilience through mindfulness practices and supportive community interactions, enabling better management of stress and challenging emotions.

  • Improved Physical Health: Discover the interconnection between mental and physical health, and how adopting a holistic approach to wellness can lead to improvements in both areas.

  • Empowered Sense of Community and Support: Join a community of individuals who share similar experiences, providing a sense of belonging, mutual support, and encouragement in your journey towards improved mental health.

Dr Susan Taylor is one of those pioneers who has both the gifts of a scientific mind coupled with an equal measure of genuine humanism. She is a “blender” of the objective with the less tangible energies that define what allows people to live a vital life.

Live Online Workshop: March 15-17, 2024

All Sessions Recorded for Later Viewing (30 Days)

Discussions + Guided Relaxation and Meditation Practices

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