The Healing Power of Meditation

3 Guided Meditations to Heal, Nourish, and Transform

This recording consists of three separate meditation practices. Use them as a guide for developing your own personal practice. Each meditation practice has a systematic format that begins with a seated posture that creates stillness in your mind and body and continues with systematic relaxation through diaphragmatic breathing. The first practice, breath awareness, is beneficial for balancing the nervous systematic and relaxation into meditation. The second practice adds a counting technique that trains the mind to focus and improve concentration. The third practice uses mantra to balance energy and establish a more refined concentration for. the mind. Choose the one that suits your needs and use it to create your own personal practice. Practice it systematically to develop the focused awareness needed to experience the healing power of meditation.

Guided Practices

  1. 1
    • 01 Introduction 2:49

    • 02 Breath Awareness 12:39

    • 03 Counting Meditation 16:28

    • 04 So Hum Meditation 18:17