Guided Relaxation

Revitalize Your Body/Renew Your Mind

The Guided Relaxation Downloadable Audio led by Dr. Susan Taylor is designed with the practices to rest your body, renew your mind and reconnect with your core energy. Dr. Taylor systematically takes you through three guided relaxation sessions. The first practice, the body scan, is beneficial for calming and bringing awareness to the body and nervous system The second practice the 61 point to point practice is beneficial for bringing awareness to energy points in the body resulting in increased energy throughout the body. The third practice, the sweeping breath practice is used to balance energy channels and is good for insomnia and anxiety due to its calming effect on the nervous system. This program encourages a calm and tranquil state for the body mind matrix by stilling the senses and focusing the mind. Many people have experienced profound change by using this audio program. (Downloadable MP3 Audio 64 minutes)

Guided Practices

  1. 1
    • 01 Introduction to Relaxation 2:25

    • 02 Body Scan 14:40

    • 03 Introduction to Point to Point Practice 1:08

    • 04 Point to Point Relaxation Practice. 14:40

    • 05 Introduction Sweeping Breath Practice 1:38

    • 06 Sweeping Breath 21:34