Live Class: February 15, 2024

Time: 7:30 - 8:15 PM EDT ($25 DONATION)

Join us on Feb 15, 2024 for the meditative shift, guided by Dr Taylor. (Class recording available for 3 days) Note: Class opens at 7:15 PM, Disscussion begins at 7:30 PM followed by practice with Q and A at 8:15.

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Peace of Mind

Step out of the mind chatter and into peace. Because it is experience-based—the meditation and supporting practices of breathwork, relaxation, and focus—your doubts fade away and genuine confidence and stability-naturally shines through. Experience this for yourself.

Meet Your Self and Discover

  • Internal Stability

    Improved Sleep Quality; Better Immunity; Decreased Inflammation; Enhanced Longevity

  • Internal Protection

    Less Stress and Anxiety; Unwaivering Confidence and Stability; Improved Mood and Emotional Intelligence;

  • True Purpose

    Clarity and focus; Inner Peace; Freedom and Fulfillment

    1. Welcome to The Meditative Shift Practicum!

    2. Personal Note

    3. Why Now?

    1. Susan Taylor is inviting you to The Meditative Shift: Meet Your Self Class

    2. Tonights Recording


  • $25.00

Create Your Path of Practice

  • Prepare Your Space

    Eliminate distractions; Find a quiet place; Sit with stillness and comfort in mind.

  • Align Your Energy

    Engage diaphragmatic breathing; Allow breath to be smooth, without pause or noise.

  • Anchor Your Space

    Embrace the mind allowing thoughts to come and go; Use breath and sound as an anchor

What Others Are Saying

"The class was more than I could have expected. As a novice, I was not sure that I could follow, but Dr. Susan made it accessible to even a new person trying to experience meditation" - THANK YOU

"As a long standing meditator, I was not sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised when I heard Dr Susan's depth of knowledge and how she delivered a seamless and precise meditation practice" - GRATEFUL

"At first I wasn't sure if taking classes online would be as impactful on my practice as in person - but I've found it to be a powerful experience. I get to participate in a wonderful community within my own home sanctuary!- HAPPY CLIENT

Join Us Live

Recording Available 3 Days