Who Is A Private Session For?

Susan addresses client's issues by showing the connections of their issues on the energetic, emotional and physical levels. Susan works with clients to support them through physical and emotional disruptions to helping them gain clarity, achieve goals with their personal life and professional/work challenges.


    Improve Sleep Quality; Build Better Immunity; Decrease Inflammation; Reduce Pain and Headaches; Promote Healthy Longevity


    Decrease Stress and Anxiety; Build Confidence and Stability; Improve Mood and Emotional Intelligence; Restore Optimism; Promote Positivity; Step Into your Inner Light


    Improve Clarity and Focus; Boost Energy; Stimulate Creative Thinking; Improve Cognitive Functions; Strengthen Leadership and Resilience

Get In Touch


  • Visit the "Contact" page: You can find this page by clicking on the "Contact" link in the main navigation menu.

  • Fill out the contact form: Provide your name, email address, and a brief message explaining what type of session you are interested in scheduling. You can also include any specific dates or times that work best for you.

  • Wait for a response: Once you submit the contact form, I will personally respond to your message as soon as possible. I'll work with you to find a mutually convenient time for your session and provide you with any additional information you need.

Personal Session Rates

Session Description

Dr Susan will contact you the time and day of your session. She asks questions much like any holistic practitioner does and yes, everything is confidential. The advisor/coach process is designed to serve your personal and professional goals with support and guidance in Meditation, Diet, Nutrition and Lifestyle Management for Wellbeing. Your interaction will include powerful and probing questions, offering different perspectives, while helping you achieve what you want most in your career and in life. In some cases, more sessions are required for more involved health and/or career issues. She discusses this with you as you move forward. You can send Dr. Susan information prior to your session if you would like via email. It is not necessary though.

Please Note:

Sessions are a complimentary therapy that is to be used in conjunction with traditional and other holistic methods in order to help transform physical and emotional stress-related challenges.

As with MD's, no one can guarantee their services, but Susan's clients have always seen her session work be of help with the issues they need addressed. Susan and The Center for Meditation Science is not an emergency service. Her work is a proactive therapy, not a replacement for medical services. If you have an emergency please call 911 or the appropriate services in your area.


You will discover the keys to releasing stress, tiredness, anxiety, pain, grief or loss and discover peacefulness and joy. Research shows that meditation, nutrients, and lifestyle factors have a powerful effect on your brain, balancing your biochemistry, improving self-regulation, moods, sleep, wellbeing and enhancing memory and cognitive functions.
Personal Session Rates