Session Breakdown

Live and Recorded

    1. Welcome Letter

    1. Session 1- March 13: Unveiling Midlife Metabolism: Insights for Women's Health

    1. Session 2 -March 20: The Power of Diet in Energy and Weight Management

    1. Session 3- March 27: Exercise Alchemy: Tailoring Your Routine for Maximum Benefit

    1. Session 4 -April 3: The Mind-Body Connection: Yoga, Stress, and Weight

    1. Session 5- April 10: From Surviving to Thriving

March 13 - April 17, 2024 (Weekly Sessions - Live/Online)

Are you struggling with exhaustion and unexpected weight gain as you enter midlife and wondering how to regain control over your body and health?

Discover how our 'Navigating Midlife Metabolism course can unlock the secrets boosting your vitality during this transformative phase of life.

5 potential benefits of Managing Weight Challenges

Class Size Limited to 25

  • Improved Understanding of Midlife Changes: Gain a deeper insight into the physiological and hormonal shifts that occur in midlife, and how they specifically relate to energy changes and weight gain. This understanding is crucial for developing effective strategies for weight management.

  • Personalized Nutritional Guidance: Learn about specific dietary needs and the role of different nutrients in supporting hormonal balance and metabolism during midlife. This knowledge helps in crafting a personalized nutrition plan that suits your body's changing requirements.

  • Effective Exercise Strategies: Receive guidance on how to adapt your exercise routine to support muscle mass, bone density, and metabolic health during midlife. Understanding the importance of various types of exercise, such as cardio, strength training, and flexibility, helps in maintaining overall health and managing weight.

  • Stress Management & Sleep Quality: Acquire tools and techniques for effective stress reduction and better sleep, both of which are key in managing weight.

  • Private community support: The program provides a space for participants to interact with Susan Taylor and connect with others who are facing similar challenges and share their experiences and insights, creating a sense of community and support.

"Dr Susan Taylor is one of those pioneers who has both the gifts of a scientific mind coupled with an equal measure of genuine humanism. She is a “blender” of the objective with the less tangible energies that define what allows people to live a vital life."

Live Online Workshop: March 13 through April 17, 2024

All Sessions Recorded for Later Viewing for 30 Days

Topic Discussions + Guided Relaxation and Meditation Practices

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with Dr Susan Taylor

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